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I’ve become quite the quitter over the last couple of years.

  • I quit running.
  • I quit taking spin classes.
  • I quit running again.
  • I quit my gym membership.
  • I quit swimming.
  • I quit blogging.  (Ahem…I last posted over 4 months ago.)
  • I quit took a long break from cycling.  (I even sold my road bike!)
  • I quit running again…again.
  • I quit losing weight.

That’s a lot of quitting – and it looks pretty bad since those are all good things that I should be doing regularly.

But I quit a few not-so-good things too:

  • I quit taking the elevator at work.  And now I take the stairs every day.
  • I quit beating myself up for quitting running.   I just don’t love it…or even really like it anymore.  I tried over and over again.  Even got through 7.5 weeks of Couch to 5K!  And then I hated it again.  And now I’ve realized that I’m enjoying working out at home, in my living room.  I’ve been working out in the mornings before work using workout videos. 
  • I quit beating myself up for quitting losing weight.  And now I’m losing weight again.  4 pounds so far, but it’s a start, and that’s what matters. 
  • I quit hitting the snooze button on my alarm.  And now I get up early to work out (most days anyway).
  • I quit sitting on my laurels and finally started a continuing education tract I had been putting off for years.  (It’ll take me 2 years to finish though.)


I may have quit a lot over the last year, but I definitely didn’t quit loving this little dreamboat.


It’s been a heck of a year – I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that AJ is a whole YEAR old now.  Wasn’t this just happening yesterday?


I heard rumors that it would take a year to feel like myself again after having a baby.  Couldn’t have been truer!  I may have felt “normal” physically a handful of months after AJ was born, but it was definitely a bigger adjustment than that.  Everything – literally EVERYTHING – about our life changed.  I mean, I knew it would all change, but it is still quite the adjustment.  But I think I’ve finally found balance being a mom that works outside of the home.  The three of us have settled into a good routine & we’re a happy family of three.  We really couldn’t ask for anything more.

8 Aug, 2014


I quietly started running again back in February, using Active’s Couch to 5k app, and on Friday I “ran” my first timed event since AJ was born! Hell, since before I got pregnant. …and now that I think about it, since early 2012 when I completed my last half marathon.

I seriously had my doubts about whether Couch to 5k would work for me. I’ve used the Galloway method for years – since moving to Florida nearly 10 years ago. I really didn’t think I’d be able to kick the interval habit, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my progress so far.

Friday night’s event matched up with my Week 5 Day 3 workout: 5 min walk, 20 min jog, 5 min walk.

I honestly went into it thinking I’d need to take a walk break during those 20 minutes. There was no way I’d be able to jog for 20 minutes!
But I did. I wasn’t going fast but I wasn’t walking. (I even jogged through a water stop because I knew that if I stopped once, I’d be tempted to stop 3,048,752 more times.)

This may be a good time to mention my heart rate: I’m not wearing a heart rate monitor. I tend to get geeked out when I wear one, which causes my HR to get higher faster for no reason at all. The last time I wore one, I ended up giving myself a panic attack because I was going up a giant hill and my heart rate rose. Um, duh! Anyway, I saw that number going up & I freaked out. So now I use “perceived exertion” instead – much better for me mentally this way, and I can tell that it’s nowhere near as high as it was getting before. (I never had any issues with short distances, only when I was running half marathons. So I’m not planning on doing any long distances.)

Because the Couch to 5k app only took me through 30 minutes (2.4 miles), I had to decide whether I’d finish out the 5k by walking, alternating jogging and walking, or jogging only. I’m still surprised at myself, but I jogged the rest of the distance! I’m actually still surprised that I wasn’t even tempted to walk during that last section.

I ended up with a chip time of 39:53 for an average pace of 12:50 per mile. Again, not fast, but not horrible considering I walked 10 of those minutes.
I’m not going to delude myself – running still isn’t something I look forward to – but I’ll take it as a good sign that I didn’t hate every step of that 5k, or the training runs leading up to it so far.

Of course, I didn’t take any pictures at all because I’m a horrible blogger – I can’t even post regularly, so I definitely can’t be expected to take pictures.

31 Mar, 2014


Maybe this is happening because it’s race season in FL and I keep seeing people post about each awesome event they’ve run. Or maybe it’s because I keep seeing people register for fall marathons. Or maybe even because I’m completely embarrassed at the fact that I weigh almost as much today as I did the day before I delivered AJ….read more →

25 Feb, 2014

On Choosing to Formula Feed

When I was pregnant, I went from “I have no desire at all to breastfeed” to “I want to breastfeed for at least 6 months, 12 if we can handle it” thanks to the birthing and baby-care classes we took.  I was so convinced I could do it I even attended classes dedicated to breastfeeding and pumping (for once I…read more →

9 Feb, 2014

AJS: Six Months In

Happy half-birthday to my favorite person on the world! It seems like just yesterday little AJ made his way into this world, and yet here we are with a 6-month old baby that’s getting bigger by the minute.  He’s sitting up on his own & rolling back and forth like it’s nobody’s business.  …even in his sleep giving me a…read more →

29 Jan, 2014
AJS: Three(.5) Months In

AJS: Three(.5) Months In

I now realize it’s possible for time to simultaneously FLY by, and go at a snail’s pace.  Somehow, our little AJ is three(.5) months old already — and yet sometimes I wonder how he can be only three months old because it feels like he’s been with us for much longer than that.   Whether it’s been a long three months,…read more →

16 Nov, 2013

Counting Chickens

So, I counted my chickens before they hatched. I am definitely not “making it” anymore. I’ve been back at work now for almost 6 weeks and I think my last true workout was 3 weeks ago. We’re trying to get ourselves into a routine, but it’s been rough, and I definitely don’t feel like I have any extra time to…read more →

14 Oct, 2013

Making It

We just made it through our first two weeks back at work and in daycare! Granted, it’s not “full” weeks yet — I’m in the office M/W/F and work from home on T/Th.  Believe it or not, it’s harder (read: more exhausting) on days that I’m working from home than days I’m in the office. The first day I dropped…read more →

21 Sep, 2013

Nowhere To Go But Up

I was cleared on Thursday to “resume normal activity” at my 6-week postpartum appointment.  And that whole “resume regular activity” thing includes starting to work out again. I’ve been walking, but nothing really over 2 miles.  That’s it for workouts since mid-July when I stopped taking Restore the Core. To help whip myself back into shape, I registered for the…read more →

8 Sep, 2013

AJS: One Month In

Happy One Month Birthday Andrew!  He’s celebrating by napping… Things have been going well overall, but we’re still definitely a bit shell shocked.  This whole “parents of a newborn” thing can be ROUGH at times!  No joke.  (I mean, I knew it was going to be hard…but dang, it’s HARD.  I should say though, the good times are really good too…read more →

29 Aug, 2013